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Loaded silver bass control plate

Loaded silver bass control plate

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The Loaded Silver Bass Control Plate is a must-have for any bassist seeking to elevate their sound. This high-quality product offers enhanced features and a solid construction, ensuring durability and longevity. Its intuitive design allows for easy customization of settings, providing you with ultimate control over your sound.

With pots including VOLUMN:B500K,TONE:A500K,2V 1T, this bass plate guarantees low noise and long-lasting use. It comes with three metal knobs and is available in three color options: Chrome, Black, and Gold. This product is not only strong and durable but also easy to install.

Designed specifically for Jazz bass guitars, this control plate comes with knobs and wires already in place for installation. It offers a broader tonal frequency range, adding clarity to your sound. Experience the difference with the Loaded Silver Bass Control Plate.

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