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Chrome Bridge Saddles For Stratocaster / Telecaster guitars

Chrome Bridge Saddles For Stratocaster / Telecaster guitars

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Chrome Bridge Guitar Saddles

Introducing our innovative Bridge Rollers for Stratocaster/Telecaster guitars. These meticulously designed rollers are your key to achieving smooth string action and unparalleled sound quality. Crafted from robust metal, they promise reliable and consistent performance, enhancing your playing experience like never before.

  • Chrome finish
  • 6 Saddles
  • High quality

Our bridge rollers are not just about improving playability, they also help prevent string breakage, thereby extending the life of your strings. They work to improve tone and maintain the unique sound of your guitar, making them an essential addition to your instrument.

Each saddle kit comes complete with screws and springs, weighing a mere 25g for 6 pieces. Presented in a sleek silver finish, these metal saddles are as stylish as they are functional. The package includes 6 saddles, ready to elevate your guitar's performance.

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