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Stratocaster Guitar Tremolo Tortoise Shell Back Plate Cover

Stratocaster Guitar Tremolo Tortoise Shell Back Plate Cover

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4 Ply Tremolo Tortoise Shell Back Plate


Product Description:
Upgrade your Stratocaster's aesthetic with our Tortoise Shell Tremolo Cover, designed to complement your guitar's style while offering functional benefits. This meticulously crafted cover is the perfect addition to your instrument, especially with our Tremolo Back Plate for a complete customization.

1. **Distinctive Aesthetics:** The tortoise shell colour adds a unique and eye-catching element to your Stratocaster, providing a standout look that sets your guitar apart.

2. **Durable and Resilient:** Crafted from high-quality materials, the tremolo cover ensures durability and resilience, offering long-lasting protection for your guitar's tremolo cavity when paired with our Tremolo Back Plate.

3. **Effortless Installation:** Designed for easy installation, the tremolo cover can be quickly added to your Stratocaster, enhancing its appearance without the need for complex modifications.

4. **Enhanced Tone and Sustain:** The precise fit of the tremolo cover, along with the Tremolo Back Plate, contributes to improved resonance and sustain, elevating the overall tonal qualities of your Stratocaster.


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