Guitar 101 everything a beginner needs to know about there electric guitar

Guitar 101 everything a beginner needs to know about there electric guitar

Top 5 tips for beginner electric guitar players 

Here are 5 things you need to know about your electric guitar, il list some facts and tips on common questions that beginner guitarist would normally ask. 

What is standard tuning for a guitar?

The most common guitar tuning is E A D G B E . Most rock , rock n roll , pop , acoustic songs use this tuning. 

Best simple chords for beginners to learn?

 When starting your guitar journey there's a lot of beginner friendly songs that use just the G - D - A chords. Quick tip , when it comes to learning your chords its all about muscle memory and getting your fingers used to making the right shapes. Slowly transition from each chord, speed doesn't matter at this point it about getting used to the movement, speed will come in time. 

Bad moon rising is a great song that uses only those three chords, check it out. 

Should I buy a guitar with a fixed bridge or tremolo bridge?

For a beginner id recommend getting a hardtail / fixed bridge for your electric guitar. There simple to use help to keep your guitar in tune for longer, also fixed bridges are used by all skill levels of guitar players not just beginners. 

Tremolo bridges are great for changing the pitch of the strings by moving the bridge up and down using the whammy bar, but the down side is they can take quite awhile to tune and also go out of tuning a lot easier making them a pain for beginner guitarists . 

Should i buy an expensive guitar as my first guitar?

simply put as a beginner you don't need to be spending hundreds of pounds buy the best guitars and amps. Most cheap entry level guitars will be fine if your just starting out. Obviously there is a difference between a £200 guitar and a £800 guitar , but as a beginner id suggest getting something in your budget, getting used to playing the guitar then upgrade when you feel like its time.

Which type and model of electric guitar is best for beginners?

When it comes to the style of an electric guitar it really is totally up to you which one your prefer, there's many different models like the Stratocaster, Telecaster , Les Paul and various other shapes.

The most common for a beginner is normally the Stratocaster, there good looking guitars and pretty simple to use. There also very common to find so if you were looking for a second hand guitar on any market places you would no doubt find no end of these a great prices.

How can i upgrade the look of my electric guitar?

There's plenty of cool things you can do to make your guitar stand out and look unique. From changing the knobs, the pickup / humbucker covers, picking a different coloured pickguard , upgrade the tuning pegs, apply stickers just to name a few. Don't be afraid to make your guitar stand out. 

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How often should i practice guitar as a beginner?

As with most things the more effort you put into something the better you'll become at said thing , id recommend trying to play the guitar most days for at least 30 minutes, work on those drills and techniques to really get your muscle memory working. 

Also id recommend trying to have some structure to your practices, like working on chord shapes, and scales, otherwise you'll find yourself not progressing as fast as your actually possible to do. 


So there's my 5 helpful tips answering questions i see beginner guitarists asking. Hopefully this has helped you out , feel free to leave a comment about and questions you have about guitars that you would like answering in future posts.

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