Electric guitar bridges for beginners

Guitar Bridges for Beginners Fixed / Tremolo bridge 101

Guitar bridges

Lets start by talking about what a bridge is and the basics on how it works . A bridge is at the base of the guitar, and the strings cross over the bridge and make there way down to the headstock where they connect to the tuning pegs.

Telecaster guitar bridge

The saddles on the bridge are where the strings are secured. They are the main thing that keep the strings secure till they reach the nut at the end of the neck, they also have an impact on the vibrations of the string which in turn is how the sound and tone of the guitar is made.

There are fixed bridges / hard tail bridges that are connected to the body and don't move, then there's tremolo bridges / vibrato bridges that can move, they are connected to the body but will have a whammy bar so you can change the pitch of the guitar through a change of tension in the strings by moving the bridge up and down.

Fixed bridges are great for all levels of players, from beginners to advanced , and unlike tremolo guitar bridges they are a lot easier to tune. Iv used Floyd rose bridges in the past and they are hard to tune as when you tighten one string it loosens another which then takes quite awhile to get all the strings in tune. They can also be prone to going out of tune after awhile as well.

Tune-o-matic bridges are slightly different from your usual guitar bridge. They have adjusters so you can change the distance in how far away the strings are to the nut which has an effect on the tone and sound of the guitar.

These are just a few off the different electric guitar bridges you can get. We have a whole range of different guitar bridges to choose from on our website.

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